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MPV Free Stuff: Guitar Rig Presets

Toby Pitman on Mar 08, 2012 in Native Instruments 4 comments

Toby Pitman has created a bunch of Guitar Rig presets exclusively for Hub members. Log-in/sign-up for a free account to download them now!

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Toby composes, records, performs and produces music in every possible style all over the world for TV shows, advertising and for recordings. Over his 18 year professional career Toby has worked with many major recording artists including George Michael, David Arnold, Yussif Islam (Cat Stevens), Giles Martin and Shirley Bassey. Toby... Read More


I can't download this for some reason
Works fine here... it's very quick - check in your downloads folder as you may have missed the notification that it downloaded ;-)
nevermind. I was trying to download them through NED
Thanks for the presets. I'm still kind of newbie with Guitar Rig, and I'm not clear about how to load the presets into the plugin (they downloaded just fine). I'm running GR4, so hopefully they will be compatible, although I noted that your preset files are .ngrr, which differs from the file type in the factory presets for GR4.