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MPV Free Stuff: Synths for Logic Pro

Toby Pitman on Aug 09, 2012 in Logic Pro 9 comments

There's only one thing better than a free lunch... MPV Free Stuff!! This time we've got a delicious & edgy collection of Logic synth settings for you. Simply log in (or sign-up for free) to download!

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Toby composes, records, performs and produces music in every possible style all over the world for TV shows, advertising and for recordings. Over his 18 year professional career Toby has worked with many major recording artists including George Michael, David Arnold, Yussif Islam (Cat Stevens), Giles Martin and Shirley Bassey. Toby... Read More


Very nice work. Just installed and tested these out, and love them. Great vintage synths that I will probably use a lot. Thanks for posting!
These are awesome... Thank you Toby!
Gorgeously twisted and powerful with lots of dirt & analog love...
Rock on Toby
Thanks Toby!
Great work! Thanks, Toby.
I am new to all of this. How do I place them in the folder indicated above?
I am using Logic 8 on Mac OS 10.6.8.

Thank you.
I just looked. I don't have this on my computer:

~/Library/Application Support/Logic/Channel Strip Settings/Instrument/

I have SOME presets but not all of them. My Mac crashed last year and I had my computer refurbished and my software added back on by the computer guy. I am not very tech savvy.

I used to have some killer presets but now they are mostly gone.
You may have to go to the Channel Strip Settings folder and create a new Instrument folder? Or just save a dummy preset and Logic will create it for you.

You should probably reinstall Logic if your missing things like this, and not go back to the same 'computer guy'! ;)