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NAMM 2012 Interview: QuNeo by Keith McMillen

Rounik Sethi on Jan 26, 2012 in Interviews 0 comments

VIDEO: Keith McMillen is an exciting company which create innovative controllers for musicians and DJs! Their latest controller, QuNeo, is put through its paces in this live demo and interview.

Steve H popped by one of his favorite controller manufacturers, Keith McMillen, to find out more about their latest innovative new controller: QuNeo.

QuNeo is a new breed of hand touch controller, which is described as a 3D multi-touch hand controller. The beauty of the QuNeo lies in the fact that each of its pad does transmit note on/off with velocity sensitivity, as you'd expect… plus pressure and X&Y CCs. It also features multi-touch cross-faders…and as nice as this all reads, I'd recommend checking out the video below to see it in action. 


Find out more about QuNeo here!

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