4 Best In-Car Door Speakers for Bass-Loving Audiophiles Everywhere

The chances are that you spend a lot of time in your car. Whether you’re driving to meet friends, going to work, or even just heading out to the supermarket, it’s easy to feel like we spend most of our days in them, especially when you’re caught in traffic.

However, as an audiophile, these drives never seem too bad when you’ve got your music blaring, and you lose yourself in the moment. Nevertheless, this experience can only be as good as your speakers are, so you may be wondering what kind of door speakers are out there to help you add a bit of a bassy punch to your music.

Of course, more bass means you’ll need a big driver, but this can be a problem when you’re trying to fit a 21-inch sub cone into your door. It’s just not going to happen. Fortunately, this is a thing of the past. There are many manufacturers out there that have designed special all-around speakers that are suitable for your doors while still providing you with a superior sound experience.

After all, the door speakers are typically going to be closest to you, so you’ll want to make sure they’re up to scratch with what you expect. Today, we’re going to zero in on the best car door speakers that dedicate themselves to providing you with the levels of bass you deserve.

We’ve searched far and wide, taking everything into account from the volume and quality of the sound to the materials used and, most importantly, the price. Narrowing them down to our best four, these are the speakers you need to be thinking about.

JBL GTO629 Premium 6.5-Inch Co-Axial Speaker (Set of 2)

JBL GTO629 Premium 6.5-Inch Co-Axial Speaker (Set of 2)

These JBL Premium speakers measure in at just 6.5-inches, meaning they will fit effortlessly into most car doors, but they really do pack a punch. One of the most popular and affordable brands of speaker out there, these speakers are crammed with features to give you the best experience.

The speakers come with carbon-injected cones which means they are physically larger than other speakers in the same class. Of course, bigger cone means more bass for you. These cones also contain dedicated tweeters for your high sounds, ensuring there’s a dedicated section for each frequency.

These tweeters are actually pivoted by design, which means it’s angled upwards towards your ears, ensuring that your high-quality sound isn’t wasted on your leg. You can even use the integrated volume control to make sure that the sound your speakers are producing is perfectly synced with the build of your car.

In terms of technical specs, these low-impedance, 3-OHM speakers are designed to be used in all kinds of car, even older cars or those that may be using undersized, and underpowered cables to connect your speakers up.

With a dedicated 12db octave and a range of crossover components for directing your high and low sounds, in-car speakers don’t get much better than this.

  • Pivoted design to ensure the sound is sent towards your ears
  • Low-impedance of 3-ohm for low-powered connections
  • Dedicated 12db octave with exclusive high/low crossover features
  • Large, carbon-injected cone design, bigger than other speakers in the same class
  • None!

Kenwood 6 ½-Inch Automotive Speaker

Kenwood 6 ½-Inch Automotive Speaker

If you’re looking for something with a bit more power, up to 180-watts of power, in this case, Kenwood has an ideal solution for you. These two-way speakers measure in at 6 ½-inches, making them a suitable choice for the majority of car doors.

To elaborate on this two-way feature, you’ll find that these speakers are suitable for all the frequencies on your music. This means shimmering highs, mids with clarity, and of course, rumbling rich basslines.

Kenwood has been a leader in the audio industry for several decades, so it should come as no surprise that these speakers will go above and beyond your expectations, especially when you consider the highly competitive price tag.

Of course, for this price, the sound quality isn’t as amazing as a more premium set, but the fact you get two speakers (one for each door) for this low, budget-conscious price, as well as the fact that they accurately transmit signals in all frequencies, this can make for the perfect audio upgrade for your vehicle.

The speakers are built to last, can handle large amounts of power, ideal if you’re using an amp for even more sound, and come with an adaptor ring to make sure you can mount them into your door accurately, ensuring that the installation process is effortless.

  • Incredibly affordable, two-way speaker set
  • Capable of handling all frequencies of your music
  • Effortless to install thanks to the mounting adaptor ring
  • Perfect upgrade from stock speakers
  • Sound quality isn’t as good as other speakers on this list
  • Will blow when playing excessively high volumes for long periods of time

Polk Audio DB6501 6.5-Inch 2-Way Component System (Pair)

Polk Audio DB6501 6.5-Inch 2-Way Component System (Pair)

Polk Audio is another highly popular choice when it comes to in-car door speakers and is simply superior when it comes to price and sound quality. While slightly more expensive than the rest of the speakers on this list, the sound quality you get is unmatched when it comes to 6.5-inch speakers.

Firstly, when it comes to initially installing these speakers, you’ll find included adapter rings which ensure it’s easy to mount your speakers to your door, regardless of the mounting bracket that already exists there.

As you can imagine from this premium range speaker, you’ll be able to listen to all the frequencies of your music in absolute clarity thanks to the highly durable cone and the 25mm liquid-cooled silk/polymer dome tweeters, complete with neodymium magnets. This all comes together to produce crisp highs, detailed mids, and thick, deep basslines.

However, what really sets this speaker pair apart from the rest is the fact that it comes with a two-way Butterworth crossover. This ensures your sounds are directed to the correct part of the speaker to be played. This crossover includes vented housing and a complete tweeter circuit protection to stop it becoming overpowered and ultimately blowing.

In fact, these speakers are so durable, they have even been Marine Certified. This means that these are the speakers that are used in Nautiques ski and wakeboarding boats, simply due to their outstandingly long lifespan.

With this epic amount of durability, a 4-ohm impedance, a 300-watt peak power handling, and the ability to generate an incredible 92dB of sound, this could be the only speaker you ever need.

  • Up to 92dB of sound generated from this 6.5-inch speaker pair
  • 100-watt continuous power handling with a peak of 300-watt
  • Tweeters and subwoofer for complete frequency coverage
  • 35Hz to 23kHz frequency response range
  • Slightly more expensive than other speakers on this list

Kicker DS65 6.5-Inch Coax Speakers (Pair)

Kicker DS65 6.5-Inch Coax Speakers (Pair)

To finish up our list of the best speakers for your car door, we’ve chosen the Kicker DS65. This pair of speakers is highly affordable yet still provides a quality sound experience that’s unlike anything in this price range.

Both speakers measure in at 6.5-inches and come with their own ½-inch tweeters, ensuring that you’ll be able to enjoy all the highs, mids and lows of your music is crystal-clear definition. This is how your music is supposed to be heard.

Of course, you’re not going to want your speakers to blow easily, which is why these have been designed with a heavy-duty, highly durable motor structure to provide you with an even greater experience that you have with similar counterparts.

This level of quality continues thanks to the Extended Voice Coil and integrated Woofer technology, guaranteeing that the bass sounds clean and rich, perfect for all genres of music; especially dance and hard dance.

The highs are precise thanks to the ribbed UV-treated surround design, and the tweeters are developed using titanium, as well as being oversized, ensuring that your sound travels in all directions while maintaining its clarity.

There are not many speakers out there which have this level of quality and attention to detail in the design that comes at such an affordable price range. With a power handling peak of 200-watts, a two-way crossover design and a low impedance of 4-OHM, these are the perfect speakers for a budget-conscious buyer.

  • 200-watt speakers with 4-OHM impedance for efficient power usage
  • UV-treated surround design for precise and crystal-clear sound
  • Extended Voice Coil technology for superior bass sounds
  • Titanium-domed tweeters for shimmering high sounds
  • None!


When it comes to buying a pair of speakers for your car doors, or any vehicle, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with the extensive range of options that are available. However, any of the four speaker pairs we’ve listed above are ideal when it comes to price, ease of installation, sound quality, and power efficiency.

Simply select the speakers that best suit the requirements you have in mind and match your budget, and you’ll be well on your way to enjoying your music in the best, most immersive experience possible.

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