5 Best RCA Cables For An Outstanding Car Audio Setup

When it comes to your in-car audio system, there are so many different components involved when setting up a complete system; it’s hard to keep track. Of course, you don’t want to spend all your money, just to realize in the end that you’re experiencing the quality sound that you were expecting.

The most important thing to remember is that every part of your system is just as important as the next. That ranges from your car audio radio and audio inputs stations, the amps you’re using, the speakers you’ve chosen, and, perhaps most importantly, the cables that are connecting it all together.

That’s right; while many of us are happy to fork out for a premium range of speakers and in-car radios, failing to pay attention to what cables you’re usingcan hold you back when it comes to your soundsystem performing to its best.

The cables you choose will determine the overall quality of sound between each piece of equipment. In short, if you’re using a low-grade cable, you’re going to achieve a low-grade result. While many speakers, radios, and amps will come with a set of cables for you to use, purchasing premium quality cables can make dramatic changes to your sound.

Today, we’re going to explore the world of RCA cables, seeking out the best of the best with the aim to make it easy for you to pick the one that’s right for you. We’ve taken all aspects of RCA cables into account, narrowing the market down to just five fantastic options which guarantee to bring your in-car soundsystem to life.

FosPower 2 RCA MM Stereo Audio Cables

FosPower 2 RCA M/M Stereo Audio Cables

To start with, we’ve opted for a great all-around RCA cable that ticks the boxes for being both affordable and providing you with a high-quality sound experience. This male to male RCA cable measures in at 15-foot long, which is more than enough to ensure that it will reach around each area of your vehicle.

However, this particular brand does offer a range of sizes to suit you from 3-foot to a whopping 25-foot. What helps this cable to provide such a great signal is the fact that the connectors are plated with 24-karat gold.

Not only does this help you cables to resist forms of corrosion and damage from everyday wear and tear, but also to maximize the effectiveness of the connection. This level of quality continues thanks to the copper braided, aluminum foil shielding that coats the interior of each cable.

This ensures that the cable is super flexible and resistant to breaking when you bend it, but it also helps to block out unwanted noise and EMI/RFI interference which is common with cheap cables.

With a tin-plated copper core to stop oxygen disrupting your signal and polyethylene foam for dielectric insulation, this cable is surely everything you’ve been looking for.

  • 24-karat gold plated connectors for optimal sound quality
  • Copper-braided, aluminum foil interior shielding
  • Tin-plated copper core for minimal oxidization and longer cable lifespan
  • 15-foot cable, with a range of lengths available
  • None!

Stinger SI6412 12-Foot 4-Channel 6000 Series Audiophile Grade RCA Interconnect Cable

Stinger SI6412 12-Foot 4-Channel 6000 Series Audiophile Grade RCA Interconnect Cable

If you require an industry-quality cable to provide you with the best sound connection, and enough cable to connect your entire system together, you may not need to look further than the Stinger Interconnect Cable.

What really sets this cable apart from the rest is the fact that it’s not just one cable; it is, in fact, four cables, which means you’ll be able to connect up to four channels of your audio system with the same high-quality cable, all without making multiple purchases.

This quality is all thanks to the oversized OFC connectors which fit perfectly over your ports to stop any air, dust or dirt interfering with your audio signal. This means crisp and pure audio sounds coming from your speakers, without any unwanted noise, distortion, or engine noise.

Quality continues due to the split-tip connectors, which are designed to help you transfer an unparalleled signal, which is only complimented by the C3 Tech technology that provides a continuous signal connection.

Each cable is developed with a color-coded tip to help you easily identify which cable is which, all in all coming together to provide an easy, premium quality audio experience you’ll be enjoying for many years to come.

  • 12-foot cable to ensure you reach every area of your vehicle
  • Split-tip connectors for an unmatched signal transfer
  • Implemented C3 technology for optimal signal cable
  • A four-channel kit for all your cabling needs
  • Slightly more expensive than other RCA cables (because there’s four in the set)

KabelDirekt RCA Stereo Cable

KabelDirekt RCA Stereo Cable

If you’re on the hunt for a premium quality RCA cable that’s affordable but comes with a range of features to help you maximize your sound output while maintaining the quality you expect from your system, KabelDirekt may have just the solution for you.

This 15-foot cable (although other lengths are available) comes with two RCA cables, perfect for setting up two audio channels in your car, perhaps the left and the right side. They can also be used for a variety of other applications, including your in-home stereo system, cinema surround sound, or entertainment devices.

In terms of quality features, the most notable is the oxygen-free copper core shielding that not only stops corrosion and oxidation taking place inside the cable, prolonging the cables lifespan, but also helps to maximize the quality of your audio signal.

This means no static, EFI/RFI interference, or popping sounds, just crystal-clear, high-definition audio. These male to male cables are also color-coded and tipped with 24-karat gold connectors, ensuring the longest lifespan and a secure connection that will last for years to come.

With a simple, highly durable design, if you’re in need of an RCA cable set that goes to the extra mile when it comes to longevity and audio quality, all for a good price, it doesn’t get much better than this.

  • X2 Male to male, 15-foot cables for two channel setups
  • 24-karat gold connectors for optimal audio signal
  • Copper core to minimize the risk of oxidation and corrosion
  • Long-lasting design that will perform for years to come
  • Not as flexible as other cables
  • Connections may be loose since the connectors are not oversized

Rockford Fosgate Twisted Pair 20-Feet Signal Cable

Rockford Fosgate Twisted Pair 20-Feet Signal Cable

Another leading RCA cable that’s perfectly designed to bring a bit of spark to your audio system is the Rockford Fosgate Twisted Signal Cable. This pair of cables measures in at 20-foot long, meaning you’ll have more than enough length to make all your connections.

What we love about this set is the fact that the cables are twisted together to form one thick cable. This means the durability and flexibility of the cables are sturdy and reliable, and you don’t have to faff around with multiple cables since everything is connected into one.

As with the industry standard suggests, these cables are produced using a copper, oxygen-free core which helps to protect against corrosion over time and ensures that your signal remains crisp and clear for many years to come.

Rockford is one of the pioneering companies when it comes to car audio solutions, and this signal cable is a prime example of just how good they can be.

  • 20-foot cable to ensure you can reach all your audio components
  • Twisted cable design to hold everything together
  • Copper core to minimize the amount of oxygen in your cable
  • Two cables per purchase for a two-channel setup
  • None!

Rocket Sales RCA Premium Audio Cable

Rocket Sales RCA Premium Audio Cable

Finally, to finish off this list of outstanding RCA cables, we’ve chosen this high-performance cable that’s not only super affordable, but it gets the job done. These superior quality cables are thin, highly flexible, and covered so they can provide you with maximum levels of durability.

Each connector of these two included cables is gold-plated for an interference-free experience, as well as being fully shielded throughout to cancel out any unwanted noise. In short, these cables transfer an extremely crystal-clear signal, making sure your audio sounds crisp and pristine.

This particular set only comes in a 25-foot version, which is more than enough to connect all the audio components of your car, no matter where you’re positioning them. Since these cables are thinner than most, this also means you can tuck them away and pin them to the side to make sure that they don’t get in the way!

  • X2 25-foot cables to ensuring everything is connecting easier
  • Fully shielded design with noise-canceling properties
  • One of the most affordable RCA cable sets on the market
  • Color-coded, gold-plated connectors
  • Not as aesthetically pleasing as other cables
  • Plastic shielding is thinner than most cables


As you can see, when it comes to purchasing the right RCA cable for your in-car audio system, there’s plenty of options out there for you to choose from.

By making sure you’re choosing the right lengths with all the other features that you want, as well as considering the price, you can be sure that any of the four cables we’ve listed above will be exactly what you need.

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