Free DJ Delay Plug-In by Stagecraft Review

A screenshot of the Stagecraft Delay plugin

If you’re an EDM producer, a DJ, or simply any kind of producer who’s on the lookout for an awesome Delay effect, you may have come across this little gem by Stagecraft. Stagecraft has been renowned for around a decade now for their powerful plugins and innovative tech that has helped and assisted musicians around … Read more

Your Complete Guide to Logic Pro

A screenshot of Logic Pro X

If you’re a music producer that’s opted to use a Mac computer and setup for your production ventures, the chances are that you’re going to have heard of Logic Pro. Even if you’re starting out and researching the operating system and software that’s best for you, Logic Pro has probably topped a few lists. So, … Read more

How Sound Affects You

Sound travelling through the air and affecting a person midway through

How does sound affect us? This is a broad question that I doubt many of us have asked ourselves, but perhaps we should be asking ourselves more often? Of course, the spectrum of ‘sound’ is a huge umbrella term. After all, even speaking to another person requires us to create a sound which we then … Read more

Chris Hein Chromatic Harmonica Review

A Screenshot of Chris Hein Chromatic Harmonica open on a computer

While a harmonica may seem like a dated instrument, it’s still wildly popular in many parts of the world, and the sound it produces is unlike anything you may have heard before, and far different to the sound that many other instruments can produce. Adding harmonica sounds can create a Blues/Jazz-like feel that it’s simply … Read more

ATC SCM25A Pro Review

The ATC SCM25A Pro in a landscape position

When it comes to studio monitors, ATC is one of the brands that continuously pops up over and over again, yet we’re surprised when many people say they haven’t actually heard one of themselves. Granted, their speakers aren’t normally cheap, but when you’re looking for a quality sound with a quality build, nothing else seems … Read more