4 Best Humbuckers for Strat Guitars That Will Make Your Performances Epic

A humbucker pickup inside a Fender Strat guitar

The sound of your Strat guitar, or any other guitar you have, is primarily dependent on the pickup you’re using and have installed. It doesn’t matter if you’re thinking about the bridge, middle, neck or all three of your pickup positions, upgrading either to a certain pickup will define the sound you’re generating. As you … Read more

5 Best Bass Practice Amps for the Best Home & Studio Performances

A guitarist using a practice bass amp at home

When you’re playing on stage at your favorite venue or a packed-out arena, using a large and powerful amp is ideal for projecting the sounds of your bass guitar. Not only do you want everyone to hear, but you’re also going to want to amplify the quality level of your bass guitar, ensuring everything sounds … Read more

5 Best Jazzmaster Pickups For Creating An Out-Of-This-World Sound

A Jazzmaster guitar you would install a best jazzmaster pickup

The Fender Jazzmaster is yet another example of just how iconic the Fender brand is, and another example of a product they released that ended up defining the music industry forever. Released back in 1958, the Jazzmaster was originally crafted for high-end musicians who wanted an exclusive option to play. However, it wasn’t long until … Read more

5 Best Guitar Pots for the Ultimate Level of Control of Your Sounds

A pot, or potentiometer, on a guitar

While most guitarists may pay attention to some of the obvious parts of their guitars, such as the pickups, the strings, and the guitar itself, paying attention to the details of your guitar can provide such a dramatically improved experience. Take the potentiometer, for example. Also known as the Pot of your guitar, this is … Read more