4 DMX Lighting Software for Hosting Unforgettable Events

DMX lighting show performance stage experience

It doesn’t matter whether you’re performing in a band, you’re solo on stage or smashing out your highly anticipated DJ set when you’re standing in front of a live audience, they’ve come for the unforgettable experience that you’re providing. While the music that you’re creating counts for a huge part of this, other elements of … Read more

Overdrive vs. Distortion vs. Fuzz

Distortion vs. Fuzz and Overdrive on stage

If someone on the street was asked to define the sound of rock n’ roll, they would probably indicate the use of the electric guitar and distortion. Some subgenres of rock, specifically metal and grunge, rely heavily on the timbre (tone quality) of a distorted electric guitar. The sound of these songs would just not … Read more

The 4 Best Orchestral VSTs

great Orchestral VST

The way that technology has progressed means that the face has music has been changed forever. Since computers have become far more accessible and powerful than anything we’ve known before, the opportunities we have for making music, tracks and the perfect sounds that we’ve always been looking for are now well within reach. However, in … Read more