The 4 Best Telecaster Bridges

Do you own a Fender Telecaster guitar? If you’ve reached the stage where you need to replace the bridge on your guitar, you’ll already be well aware of the fact that this is easier said than done. While the standard process will involve taking off and changing your strings, as well as replacing or tidying up your pickups, this is still an essential part of guitar maintenance.

However, you may not be aware of the fact that you can change and replace your bridge in order to change the tone and the sounds you’re creating, helping you find the perfect notes for you to perform the song you’ve had in your mind for weeks, possibly even months! In fact, the bridge your guitar is using has more of an effect on the tone and sound of your guitar than any other component when compared to features like the nuts or frets.

With this in mind, it’s important to remember, just as you would with any other part of your guitar, you need the right parts of the job. Of course, you’re going to need a bridge that is actually going to fit your Telecaster guitar but also creates the sound that you wish to play.

If you’ve already started your search, you’ll see that there is a ton of options available, which can make it very difficult to choose the ideal one for you. Well, there’s no reason to feel overwhelmed anymore as we’ve done all the hard work for you, sifted through bridge after bridge until we managed to narrow it down to our top four.

So, without standing in the way of you and your perfect Telecaster bridge, here are the best available;

Babicz FCHTELEBKP Full Contact Hardware Telecaster Bridge

Babicz FCHTELEBKP Full Contact Hardware Telecaster Bridge

To start off our list of the best Telecaster bridges out there, we’ve chosen one of the best of the best. Despite being one of the most premium bridges on this list, and indeed the market, this is really the only bridge you’re ever going to need, and it comes graciously with everything you need for the best sound and the best fit.

In fact, this bridge is so highly compatible, it can fit perfectly into both 3-hole mounts (the American standard) and four-hole mounts, depending on what you’re after. With each purchase, you’ll find everything you need to replace your existing bridge, including all the instructions on what to do and all the equipment you’ll need to do it, making sure this is the only purchase you need to make in order to make an effortless replacement.

Since this is ‘full-contact’ hardware, this means the bridge can make direct contact with every component that your existing bridge does, ensuring there’s absolutely no lapse in your sound quality and fits perfectly ensuring there’s no ‘wiggle’ movement or fault, especially when you’re playing and jamming till the sun comes up!

However, what we really love about this Telecaster bridge is the fact that each saddle in the unit is adjustable, allowing you to find the exact settings you’re looking for, as well as giving you the unique opportunity to experiment with your own sounds to see what else you can find! In short, if you own a Telecaster, this is the bridge that should be at the top of your list.

  • Completely adjustable saddle settings
  • Everything you need in own purchase
  • Beautiful, crisp and clean sound and tones
  • Incredibly easy setup and installation
  • May seem delicate compared with other models
  • May be too expensive for budget guitarists

Fender Standard Series Telecaster Bridge Assembly

Fender Standard Series Telecaster Bridge Assembly

Fender is one of the leading guitar brands in the world, so it should come as no surprise that their Telecaster bridge unit will go out of its way to prove that it’s one of the best in terms of quality and price. Coming in at the lower end, more affordable end of the market, this is an ideal bridge for guitarists who are starting out, on a budget or need a quick fix; this could be the model for you.

While this set doesn’t include the bridge itself, or any pickup mounting hardware, it does come with a durable and, quite frankly, utterly superior chrome-plated bridge plate with the six adjustable ‘block-style’ saddles that you’ll need in order to connect your strings. However, while this model only includes the bridge plate, this will still help you to address the replacement of your bridge, so you’ll still be able to play.

With your purchase, you’ll find your set comes with everything you need to get started, including the intonations screws, springs and all the height-adjustment screws you’ll need to ensure that your bridge plate is the perfect fit on your Telecaster guitar. Please bear in mind that this model won’t fit 3-screw designed guitar with further modification, you will find the four screws in place to fit the vast majority of Standard Series models, many of which were produced from 2004 until the present day.

  • Everything you need in one convenient purchase
  • 4-screw design which is ideal for all Telecaster models made after 2004
  • Adjustable saddles for you to find that perfect sound
  • Not compatible with 3-hole models (2004 and before)
  • Does not include bridge itself

Fender Telecaster Chrome Bridge Assembly

Fender Telecaster Chrome Bridge Assembly

If you’re shopping for your next bridge replacement, but you’ve got quality and durability in mind, then it might be worth turning your attention to this bridge assembly kit by Fender themselves. As a patented and official Fender part, this means you can be absolutely sure that this is a quality, long-lasting product that has been designed with your guitar in mind.

However, this high-quality build is a little different to many of the rest of the bridge assembly kits that you’ll find. For example, instead of having six, individual saddles to connect and stretch your strings, this model comes with three unique brackets, each with two holes to insert your strings. Of course, these brackets are adjustable, but it does mean you’ll be changing the balance and tension of two strings, rather than managing them all individually.

With this in mind, this bridge assembly kit isn’t really suitable for mid-range to professional guitarists who are looking to have complete control over their sound, but for beginners who are looking after their guitar but are still learning the basics, this affordable, lightweight and incredibly easy to install bridge kit could be everything you’ve been looking for. You’ll also need to bear in mind that mounting screws aren’t included with your purchase, just the main bridge, but these screws can be purchased inexpensively from your local hardware store.

  • Ideal and affordable for beginner guitarists
  • High-quality, highly durable build
  • An official Fender replacement part
  • Compatible with nearly all Telecaster models
  • Not suitable for professional guitarists
  • Does not come with mounting screws

ROSENICE Professional 6-String Saddle Bridge Plate for Fender

ROSENICE Professional 6-String Saddle Bridge Plate for Fender

For the final bridge plate to enter our list, we’ve chosen a model that can bring you just as much function as it can when it comes to style. Introducing the ROSENICE Bridge Plate for Fender. Designed as a completely compatible unit to fit all Telecaster models. This solid Chrome bridge plate is based on a classic design for electric guitars, ensuring a perfect fit with minimal hassle or stress during installation.

You can even use this bridge plate to change your single-coil bridge into a spiced-up, super punchy double-coil bridge, which will, in turn, produce a double-coiled humbucker-like sound. This ability to control your sound is matched by the fact that the bridge has six individual saddles for the strings to be inserted, giving you the opportunity to find and set to the unique sound that you want to create.

What’s more, this is easily one of the most beautiful bridge plates on the market thanks to its stunning copper flower design, allowing you to add real character to your guitar and, therefore, your overall performing experience. If you look good, you’ll feel good too. All this comes in a set with everything you need to make the switch, all while remaining at an affordable price that both beginners and professionals are going to love.

  • Ideal for both beginners and professionals
  • Six individual saddles for your strings
  • Beautiful Copper/Flower design
  • Compatible with all modern Telecaster models
  • Can be a mission to install onto your guitar
  • Only compatible with modern Telecaster guitars


So, it goes without saying that there’s a lot of choices out there when it comes to choosing the next bridge for your Fender Telecaster. Make sure you’re taking into account and consideration things like your budget and the exact level of quality and performance that you’re looking for.
As with most products, the more you spend, the better the materials and build of your bridge, therefore the longer it will last, and the better, more superior your sound quality will be. Happy Jamming!

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