5 Best Treble Booster Pedals for Creating a Truly Unique Sound

Some musicians may not have heard of what a treble booster pedal is all about. After all, some consider this to be one of the most under-utilized of all guitar effect pedals. However, that doesn’t mean that they don’t have their purposes, and learning what they’re all about might be exactly what you’re looking for in your own your productions.

In short, a treble booster pedal, well, you guessed it, boosts the treble that your guitar produces. When used while you’re playing, you’ll find your sounds are much fatter and contain much more depth than they do originally. Boosting your treble also adds to your sound’s saturation levels.

When you’re planning to use a treble booster pedal, you’ll want to make sure you’re using the right pedal for the job. After all, a low-grade pedal is only going to generate low-grade results. To give you a helping hand, we’ve searched across the board and narrowed down your options to just five of the best pedals out there.

These are sure to help you produce the sounds you’re after and can help you take your performances to the next level. Let’s jump straight into it!

ModTone Guitar Effects MT-SB Pedal Signal Booster

ModTone Guitar Effects MT-SB Pedal Signal Booster

To start off this list, we’ve chosen the ModTone Guitar Effect Signal Booster Pedal, one of the most popular and feature-rich treble booster pedals on the market. This signal booster is easy to learn how to use and comes with everything you’ll need to create the sounds you’re looking for.

This is all thanks to the two dials you’ll find at the top of the pedal, labeled ‘Tone’ and ‘Level.’ This is capable of giving you up to 25 decibels of clean, quiet boost to your guitar’s signal, all through a True Bypass system.

This ensures your signal stays clean and clear, free from unwanted noise and distortion while giving you the control you need to find that perfect sound.

All this affordable high-performance technology is housed in an incredibly durable rugged metal casing, which ensures you can take your pedal with you anywhere, without the fear of it breaking or becoming damaged.

  • True Bypass system
  • Designed with highly durable rugged metal case
  • Up to 25dB of clean/quiet boost
  • Airplane style dials for complete and accurate control over your sound
  • Not as heavy sounding as some of the other pedals on this list
  • Distortion may sound a little saturated for some musicians

Earth Quaker Devices Tone Job EQ and Booster Effects Pedal

Earth Quaker Devices Tone Job EQ and Booster Effects Pedal

We couldn’t have completed this list without a mention of the Earth Quaker Booster Effects Pedal. This mid to high range pedal may be slightly more expensive than your typical effects pedal, but the number of features you get from this device is well worth every cent.

This is because not only can you effectively boost the treble of your guitar signal, but you also have the ability to control your tone using the three-band EQ controls completely. In fact, this device has been designed in terms of a stereo preamp, allowing you to control the widest frequency range possible.

With this level of control, you’ll be able to have the maximum number of opportunities when it comes to finding the sound you’re looking for.

All frequencies (the bass, mids, and treble) can all be boosted up to 20dB, and that’s in addition to boosting your signal up to five times that the original output, all depending on how you set up your dials.

This particular looks good with the rest of your pedal board, and obviously gives you a full range of options on how to customize your sound, making it very easy to see why it’s one of the most popular booster pedals on the market.

  • Boost all frequency ranges by up to 20dB
  • Amplify your signal output up to five times the original value
  • Full three-band EQ control over your guitar sounds
  • Can be used on guitars, bass, and synthesizers
  • Slightly more expensive than other pedals on this list

BBE Bohemian Treble Boost Pedal

BBE Bohemian Treble Boost Pedal

Next up, another super-popular booster pedal which has been designed specifically to boost the treble sounds of your guitar. If you’re looking for a no-frills attached treble booster that does exactly what it says on the tin, this could be the ideal pedal for you.

Inside this device, you’d find BBE’s patented Sonic Maximiser processing technology, containing 24 ultra-high headroom preamps, all meeting or exceeding BBE’s Class A requirements. There are also two stereo AUX line inputs for plugging in your guitar using the standard cables.

However, what really sets these pedals apart from the rest is the fact that each purchase comes with two digital effects engines from BBE’s Proprietary FX Library. This means you’ll be able to customize your sound even further than your conventional booster pedal, giving you full control over the sounds you’re producing.

Setting up your treble boost with this device has been made effortless, and it’s as easy as turning the BIAS dial.
This dial is highly responsive with a tad of resistance, which means you’ll be able to set your treble to the exact setting you want it, without losing the position or having to tweak it continuously.

  • Dedicated treble booster effects pedal
  • Comes with two digital effects libraries
  • Two AUX inputs for connecting your guitar
  • Implemented BBE Sonic Maximizer Technology for clean and crisp boosted sound
  • Premium price tag
  • Not as many frequency controls as other booster pedals

Catalinbread Naga Viper Modern Treble Booster Guitar Pedal

Catalinbread Naga Viper Modern Treble Booster Guitar Pedal

If you’re on the hunt for the best treble booster out there which gives you all the features and functions you could ever ask for, all performing to the highest possible quality, look no further than the Naga Viper Modern Treble Guitar Pedal.

While this high-performance pedal may be the most expensive on the list, no other pedal comes close when it comes to giving you complete control over your guitar sounds. Firstly, you’ll find a range knob which is dedicated to giving you control over the EQ frequency range that you’re trying to control, which of course includes your trebles, all the way through to your bass sounds.

You’ll then find your Head knob which is designed to help you control the amount of boost that you’re applying to the said frequency range. As you can see, applying the effect is easy, yet the technology inside this device means you’ll be able to apply as much or as little effect as you like.

This device includes True Bypass Switching technology to help you maintain the quality of your sound and can be used effectively when positioned after any other existing effects pedals that you’re using in your performance. This pedal continues to work well if you’re overdriving your sounds or using any number of devices.

  • Two high-quality knobs to control the boost of your sound
  • Highly durable design to last for years to come
  • Beautiful graphic aesthetics to help you stand out from the crowd
  • Works incredibly after other effects pedals, even if you’re overdriving your sound
  • Premium price tag

Electro-Harmonix Screaming Bird Nano Treble Boost Guitar Effects Pedal

Electro-Harmonix Screaming Bird Nano Treble Boost Guitar Effects Pedal

Finally, we have the Electro-Harmonix Screaming Bird. For those of you who are looking for a super-affordable treble boost pedal for your electric guitar that gets the job done, this is the device you’ve been looking for.

A True Bypass build, this pedal is capable of boosting your guitar’s treble sounds in the high end up to 20dB, regardless of the amp that you’re connecting to. This is a dedicated, no-frills pedal that only has the one boost control and nothing else.

You can easily control your level of boost using the sturdy dial that’s located on the front of the device. You’ll also be able to enjoy a central frequency range of 1.6kHz to 2.4kHz while playing at maximum volume, without the risk of unwanted noises or irritating distortion.

The pedal is designed with a rugged metal exterior, ensuring this is a durable model that’s built to last, no matter where you go or what you put it through. While the sound quality you’ll receive from this pedal is not as good as some of the other more expensive pedals on this list, for the price this is a great pedal to get you started.

This is also the case with the handy on/off switch which is durable enough to be tapped with your foot. Included with your purchase, you’ll find a 9V-volt battery, meaning you can get started with your treble boosting as soon as your pedal arrives.

  • Incredibly affordable device
  • Comes with a 9V-volt battery to get you started
  • Simple, easy-to-use design
  • A dedicated treble boost pedal
  • Sound quality can be ‘tinny’ or ‘screams’ on high boost
  • Lack of control over EQ compared with other treble boost pedals


And there we have it! When you’re out looking for the best treble boost pedal to help you create the sounds you’re looking for, it’s easy to see that there’s a lot of choices out there to suit exactly what you’re after.

All the pedals we’ve listed above are ideal when it comes to taking the high-end sounds of your guitar to the next level, so what are you waiting for?

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